Reagan's Site Plan

Mission Statement

Ronald W. Reagan Elementary, the school with “heart,”  guarantees each student achieves individual excellence in academics and life skills within an inclusive community that instills a growth mindset through differentiated instructional opportunities.


All students will meet or exceed district and state standards; the achievement gap between subgroups will decrease annually; and overall performance on district, state, and national assessments will increase annually.

  • Individual student growth on district, state, and national assessments will increase annually and exceed national targets.
  • The percentage of students participating in and performing at high levels on measures of national and/or international educational excellence will increase annually.
  • All students will demonstrate the character and positive behaviors necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship.


  1. We will capitalize on strong instructional practices to ensure achievement and growth for all students.
    • Plan and implement differentiated literacy instruction to meet the needs of all students.
    • Improve instruction and student outcomes by utilizing standards-based teaching practices and professional development opportunities.
    • Increase student motivation through engagement by intentionally providing opportunities in Language Arts.
  2. We will expand and refine building support structures to meet students' social and emotional needs.
    • Ensure consistent implementation of Reagan Behavior Systems to provide a positive environment and sense of belonging.
    • Effectively communicate our school-wide behavior system and vision to all stakeholders.
  3. We will develop and implement plans to support the mental wellness of staff.
    • Cultivate a positive staff environment through activities and interactions that promote overall wellness and staff morale.

Approved March 22, 2022