5th Grade


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Easy Bib Test Practice
Quizlet Writing Prompts
Persuasion Map PrepDog
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Math Playground Cool Math Games
Mr. Nussbaum Hooda Math
Arcade Diner Soft Schools
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multiplication.com Model Drawing
Calculation Nation Illuminations: Brain Teasers
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Primary History - Vikings
Usborne - Vikings  
People of the American Revolution Heroes of the Revolution
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Civil War Battlefields Civil War Leaders
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National Geographic - Animals Animal Fact Guide
Kids' Planet ESPECIES Animal Fact Sheets A to Z Index of Animals
Photos for Class SoundzAbound
American Museum of Natural History
Animal Planet: The Most Extreme Extreme Animals
EndangeredSpecie.com Endangered Earth
World Wildlife Fund: About Our Earth Kids' Planet: Species Fact Sheets
Wikipedia: Endangered Specis
Hour of Code Scratch
Hour of Code - Course 2 Lightbot
Hour of Code - Course 3 Hour of Code - Star Wars - Java Script
Hour of Code - Course 4 Tynker
  Lost in Space

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Taking Care of Myself   Tagul